Today the ministries of Faith Baptist Church are located on more than twelve acres of prime real estate on Virginia Route 3.  The location offers high visibility and easy access to the major traffic arteries for the area.  The campus, available to Virginia Baptist College, contains an over 100,000 square foot educational complex, preschool and elementary playgrounds, a soccer field, parking lots, a picnic area, and six residences used for staff housing.  

In February 1975, the church moved to its present location on Plank Road, purchasing 2.2 acres in the Chancellor District of Spotsylvania County.  The church met in a small house that already existed on the property.  The first church building was completed in January 1976.  The 2400 square foot building contained a small auditorium, office, and five classrooms.

After several years of steady growth, the church built a new 10,500 square foot auditorium and educational complex, which was dedicated on May 27, 1979.  The ground floor of the new building was designed to house the church’s expanding educational ministry, while the original building was redesigned for the preschool ministries and church and school offices.

In the summer of 1981, Faith Baptist Church purchased an additional 1.7 acres of adjacent property, giving the church access to Heatherstone Drive.  The house purchased with property is used for staff housing.  Construction of a 1400 square foot addition to the original building was completed in the summer of 1985.  In April of 1985, FBC acquired another 2.1 acres, completed the construction of an activity field, reworked the church grounds, and relocated the staff housing to the present locations.  The church purchased in August of 1986 another one-acre lot with a house on Heatherstone Drive that is also used for staff housing.  In 1991, the one-acre lot fronting on Route 3 with a two-story brick home was purchased for much needed parking and playground space.

The Scott Center, a large 28,000 square foot three-phase building project, was begun in May of 1991.  Phase one, the second floor classroom section, was occupied in the summer of 1992.  Phase two, a gymnasium, stage, and kitchen complex, and phase three, an office and library complex, were occupied in the fall of 1993 and 1994 respectively.  In the fall of 1997, the Scott Center was completed with the occupation of the locker rooms.

Leland Hall, the house at 4055 Plank Road, was remodeled in 1998 for use as VBC offices and meeting rooms.  A new elementary playground was also installed in the fall of that year.  The church auditorium was completely renovated in the spring of 1999, and a second parking lot was prepared.  In the fall of 1999, a beautiful maple floor was installed in the gymnasium; the bleachers followed in the fall of 2000.

Faith Baptist Church, in an effort to expand its properties and available building sites, purchased property at 1130 Heatherstone, and negotiated the purchase of 1120 Heatherstone, finalized in March of 2003.  The church acquired the property and building at 4045 Plank Road in the spring of 2002.  In July, the VBC offices moved from Leland Hall to the 4045 Plank Road property which was designated as the VBC Administration Building.

In the spring 2004, Faith Baptist Church purchased the Buttram Photography Studio located at 4111 Plank Road.  The new building will be used for VBC offices, library, classrooms, and bookstore.  The Committee of Faith Baptist Church voted to name new facility the Courtney Building after Pastor Daniel Courtney from Bible Baptist Church in Culpeper, VA.  Danny Courtney graduated from VBC after having attended over 10 years.  He suddenly passed away on February 20, 2000.  The Courtney Building was occupied in the spring of 2005.

In December 2005 and January 2006 the houses at 4035 and 4045 (the old VBC Administration Building and Leland Hall) were demolished to make room for the new building project.  In the spring of 2006, Faith Baptist Church purchased the house and 1-acre lot located at 4035 Plank Road adjacent to the church property.   During the summer and fall of 2006 the Scott Center office complex was reorganized and completely renovated.

A major building program began in the spring of 2006.  In addition to extensive site work, improved parking lot and Heatherstone Drive access, the completed project includes an auditorium (occupied May 2008) and commons area, fellowship hall/student center, and a music suite with band, choir, and class rooms (occupied September 2009).  

In 2010, the Grafton Library was expanded to include second floor areas. That summer, two classrooms were remodeled for VBC use. Three VBC classrooms received new furnishings and installation of video and audio equipment. The President’s office was relocated from the main church complex to the VBC Courtney building requiring renovation of the administrative office areas.